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Target the Right Audience with an Effective Advertising Campaign

With Gessert Media on your side, your company will go far. We specialize in a variety of advertising services and utilize each to help you succeed. By developing an effective strategy to target potential customers for brand recognition and direct sales, we're able to help your company get a leg up on the competition. Contact us today to learn more about our work with companies in Los Angeles and beyond.

Strategy Development

Market your products or services across several platforms with our help. Whether you have something new to offer or want to rebrand what you already have, Gessert Media will create a strong advertising campaign to target potential customers and generate interest. We will utilize TV, the Internet, and other platforms to make your company, and the products or services you're offering, more recognizable to others.

Commerical Production

Phase 1: Preproduction

• Develop a Creative Brief
• Draft a Script/Storyboard
• Engage the Production Team
• Get the Script/Storyboard Approved
• Select Telemarketing, Fulfillment, and Back-End Strategic Partners
• Get the Shooting Script Approved

Team Planning Ad

Phase 2: Production

• Confirm the Shooting Locations and Obtain the Necessary Permits
• A Cast for B-Roll Talent
• Hire Wardrobe and Makeup Professionals
• Map Out the Studio and Other Locations
• Hire Additional Production Crew
• Shoot on the Scheduled Days
• Develop the Website

Phase 3: Post-Production

• Fulfill Editing and Content Deliverables
• Review Telemarketing Scripts and Test Calls
• Collect Brand/Logo Graphics
• Perform Online Editing of Graphics, Titles, and Colors
• Create Original Music
• "Sweeten" the Audio
• Test the Final Master and Deliver It Digitally